Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand
Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental ThailandDentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental ThailandDentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand
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Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand

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Q. What is dental tour?

A. A dental tour combines both the dental work and the touring. It can be either a holiday tour but you want your dental problems to be treated. OR you come for a dental treatment and you get the chance to tour /visit some beautiful places at the time when your dental work is being carried on in the laboratory.
(This is really helpful for the tourist who is planning to have packaged tours.)

Q. What is this all about dental spa?

A. After experiencing through too many patients who don't have no time to go to their dentist or showing up at the late stages of their teeth decay and other dental problems just because of their fear of dentists and instead go off to holiday in a resort like places or any of their favourite places to forget about the teeth or waiting for the problem to subside by its own, made me think of the concept of making a dental spa in our country. It really had positive results. Here we have facilities of luxurious spa as the same level as that of any hi-class resort for relaxation and rejuvenation. No more fear! And you wake up just to find yourself all is done with your oral health problems, and think that you've never relaxed like this before. And that's what exactly what we mean by holidaying in a dental clinic.

Q. Do you think it really works?

Practically speaking, it really works when you experience it yourself. One of my patients who has always been scared with dentists said.
I knew I waited too long for dental care. I have major tooth loss and I am afraid of pain; That fear has kept me from seeking help .with little hope, I found my solution over the internet... Dr. Lily! And yes, before I can think about anything Dr. Lily had made everything right for me; very professional staff - all made me comfortable immediately with those magical massages. Without trying to sound like a testimonial, I would recommend Dr.Lily to even those more fearful of pain than me; now I love to have my teeth done and don't fear the future proceedings.
Benjamin Buibord, Sanfrancisco,CA,USA.

Q.How to discuss the dental problems and prices through internet .

  • Write us your dental problems in detail.
  • Send us your confirmed flight and time of arrival.
  • Send us your scanned orthopan x-ray
  • If possible send us your treatment plan from your local dentist.
  • Send us your present and past medical/ dental history.
  • And fill up the contact form of www.

Q. Hello Dr. ,I seek some dental treatments but I am very scared of any dental procedures.

A. I can't say no one should be scared of dental treatments.
Being scared of dental treatment is actually normal, because fear is a persons normal reaction to anticipated pain, especially in major dental cases people know that there will be pain present but this pain will be eliminated through relaxation and Anesthesia; Major cases involved are surgery such as dental implants, bone grafting , sinus lift etc.

So , we have tried to categorize as follows for the patients needing dental treatments:

We have categorized anesthetic needs for patients with different pain thresholds according to the dental treatments involved:


Simple dental works in (+++) more apprehensive patient = General anesthesia
         Major dental works in (++) apprehensive patient = General anesthesia
         Simple dental works in(+) less apprehensive patient = Local anasthesia

        N.B.  Prior information (for internet use only)

        Healthy people needing general anesthesia for dental treatments

  • Please write us all your dental problems in detail
  • If possible send us your treatment plan from your local dentist
  • scan us your orthopan x-ray photograph of your oral cavity
  • Fill up the contact form of www.
  • Your past and present medical / dental history along with blood report is important.
  • Fast 8 hours before the operation.
  • At least one day stay in the hospital after the operation.
  • Confirmed flight schedule and appointments should be emailed to us.

    Patients suffering from any other systemic diseases needing dental treatments:
    Please send clearance certificate from your physician before going for above procedures.
Dental works
No.of teeth
Dental checkup
30 min.
Full mouth
Scaling and
30 - 45min.
Full mouth
15 - 20 min.
per tooth
Composite filling
30m- 1 hr.
per tooth
2-3 visits for 1-2hr.
depending on number of teeth

Laser whitening
30- 45 min.
upper and lower anterior
3 visits(5days)
3 visits(14days)
1 -6 teeth
U/L 6+6 teeth
Partial denture
2 visits each 30min.
1- 5 teeth
Partial denture
3 visits each30min.
more than 5
Complete denture
5 - 6 visits
full mouth
Crown and bridge
3 visits(14days)
3 - 5 units
10 units
+ if root canal tt.needed
Surgical part
Healing phase:
Prosthetic part

3 visits(7days)
gap for 3- 6months
3 visits(14days)
per tooth

Q. Hello Dr. can I have an immediate implant for my lower decaying posterior teeth=#36 as it is in no condition of restoration?

A. We don't serve immediate implant for the molars ,we have immediate implant for the anterior teeth and premolars .You better get it extracted by your local dentist and visit us for the required implant.

Q. How long will it take to get done an implant?

A. Please see the work duration box and mail us to for further information needed.

Q. I have yellow teeth even after my regular brushing, so I want to try out whitening my teeth with laser is it complicated ? how long will I have to be on dental chair?

A. That's a very good rather modern thought that you want the laser whitening of your teeth. We know, the introduction of Laser whitening system has already outdated the traditional whitening system like bleaching etc, with its better results in lesser time. Here we use the advance 'lasersmile biolase from the USA, with FDA certification. And it is not at all complicated. It is faster and effective than any other dental whitening system. Just 45min. or less with no strain, no pain. All you have to do is go for a "dental nap" while having your feet massage.

"It is such a simple good job" according to our patient from Germany, who fell asleep during the treatment, admired his glittering teeth when he woke up. I am sure you too will bid goodbye to your yellow teeth.

Patients with allergy to hydrogen peroxide, periodontal illness, damaged root surface and enamel need more care and prior treatment and discussions prior to treatment.
Patients with any systemic illnesses, allergy, bleeding disorder, lungs or heart disease need clearance from the physician concerned

               Q. I have many holes in my teeth to be filled, both big and small. Please suggest!

A. The small fillings can be covered with the same color of your teeth -' composite' but
Large fillings can be recommended for inlay with 'empress'. It is the best material at present. Scaling and cleaning will also be recommended.

               Q. I want to make a new bridge changing the old one. .how long will it take to get it done as I have short stay in Thailand.

A. Your question about the work to change or make a new bridge is not a problem.
The problem is after removing the old bridge sometimes we find that the teeth need endodontal treatment. (root canal) That means you need longer treatment.
One root canal molar needs 1-2 visits in one or 2 weeks for the proper healing before starting a bridge work. For the proper treatment plan I need orthopan x-ray .So please scan us your orthopan (panoramic) x-ray...
You might need 10 days for the bridge work only.
With endodontal treatment you will need longer, might be 2 -3 weeks for the root canal and bridge.
There is another option for you to get treated with, that is - Implant.
With the implant it could be finished in two stages:
surgical stage: in 1week and recheck the after a week.
Prosthetic stage: You need to fly back after 4-6 months for the abutment and crown and spare another 2- 3 weeks with 3 visits only.

Q. I am an American who will be coming to Thailand for some dental care. I would like to know how long it will take to get a partial denture with metal frame for three teeth, lower two in front, one on the side.

A.A Total of 4 visits in two weeks to complete the dental Work and for the remaining days go out for sightseeing.


Q. Hello Dr. do you serve orthodontic treatment?

A.  As orthodontic treatment needs more time and it is difficult for overseas patients to devote so much of time , we don't do the long term orthodontic treatment; but we do serve instant orthodontic treatment , please don't be confused - it is just the another name for cosmetic dentistry, where we correct mild misaligned teeth in just 2 or 3 visits depending on the no. of teeth

Q. With the partial denture to correct my missing teeth on the upper anterior portion. Could you recommend another material other than acrylic

A. I would recommend a better material called 'valplast'. It has more strength, thinner, and provides more suction ability to the gums than the normal one we had been using before. But We need longer time for the laboratory work, at least one week.

Q. Is the Laser tooth whitening process permanent?

A. Actually, the treatment last for many years. It varies with person to person - their food habits, occupations and their oral hygiene. Upon the completion of your initial laser whitening process, your teeth are restored to their natural white color but exposure to some foods and drinks like coffee, colas and red wine, chocolates etc will gradually darken your teeth again over time.

Q. Hello Dr. should I use home gel after laser tooth whitening or not?

A. It is not a must but it is better to use a home gel to maintain the whiteness. It is easy to use

Q. Can I just come for spa service and get some free simple dental works like scaling and polishing as I don't have particular dental treatment.

A. We are sorry, we don't give free dental treatment in return for spa service but we have special package for free spa with dental works.

Q. Paying by cash / credit card / US dollar / Thai baht.

A. We accept cash /all major credit cards / Thai baht, US dollar is accepted only in unavoidable situations.

Q. I stay in Khao-san road area, How can I reach your clinic?

A. * Please visit contact map, below is a Thai version for the taxi driver, please print it out.
              * show it to the taxi driver and reach us within 45 minutes or less.
              * Bus No. 2 and 511 for those convenient with bus travel.

Q. I needed an extraction and I was advised to have a dental implant placed just after the extraction. Why is it so? How do I know I can have?

A. It's a better idea to have the immediate implant ( implant placed immediately after the extraction) as usually after the extraction the jaw bone tends to shrink .Also , if there is already a bone loss due to some periodontal infections or any other cause one might need bone grafting . so, just to reduce the duration and cost of treatment and to preserve the height and width of bone, we go for immediate implant after extraction. But in your case whether you can have immediate implant or not will depend upon the amount of bone available in the area. Also you need to go to dentist for your oral checkup.

Q. Do implants require special care?

A. Like your natural teeth implant also need regular check - ups. Proper brushing and flossing is always recommended to maintain the oral hygiene.

Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand

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Dentist Bangkok, Dental Bangkok, Dentist Clinic Bangkok, clinic in Bangkok Thailand - International Dental Thailand